Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose


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Against Me! quickly ascended to the upper echelon of the punk scene with hit-after-hit over the last two decades and a variety of record labels. AM! joined the Fat Wreck family in 2003 with their breakthrough album As The Eternal Cowboy, and in 2007 they made their major label debut with New Wave, followed by several other albums. But it was prior to all this success that Against Me! made arguably the most important album of their career. One that would become an instant cult classic and stand the test of time, fitting right in with scores of Against Me! Fans past and present across the globe.

Reinventing Axl Rose was AM!’s debut album released on No Idea Records back in 2002. This genre defining full-length has remained a critical piece to any punk rock fan's collection; a piece that has been hard to come by in recent years. Those days are now over, as Fat Wreck has rescued this seminal album and are reissuing the original full-length, complete with new CD and LP packaging.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Fat Wreck Records in 2019. Includes a poster and download card.

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