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Air's third album 'Talkie Walkie', was a strong return to form for the French electronica duo. The 2004 collection, helmed by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, retains the ambition of the previous '10,000 HZ Legend' with a scope ranging from intimate acoustic instrumentation to rich string arrangements, but it's a much more accessible record. Members Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel keep the singing and playing down to earth, and their songs highlighted by "Cherry Blossom Girl", "Surfing on a Rocket" and "Alone in Kyoto" - are melodic and utterly addictive. That final track appeared in Sofia Coppola's 'Lost In Translation', and Rolling Stone's review of this fine set astutely termed it "elegantly moody soundtrack music for imaginary films." A Top 10 album across Europe, 'Talkie Walkie' is as cohesive as it is atmospheric, and sure to grow on you with each listen.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Parlophone in 2004. 


1. Venus
2. Cherry Blossom Girl
3. Run
4. Universal Traveler
5. Mike Mills
6. Surfing on a Rocker
7. Another Day
8. Alpha Beta Gaga
9. Biological 
10. Alone in Kyoto

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