Allie X - Girl With No Face (Exclusive Mustard Vinyl)


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Allie X’s fourth album, Girl With No Face, is a daring excavation of her identity. A maniacal journey into the mind of an artist who just spent three years in isolation, refusing any input as she became the solitary producer, writer and creative voice for the first time in her career. Inspired by the technology and hedonism of the early 80’s new wave scene, the album’s analog-leaning songs are a series of stark contradictions – retro in feel but ultra-modern in subject matter, pointed, unpredictable yet danceable, approachable while delightfully menacing.

Exclusive MUSTARD vinyl produced by Twin Music in 2024.


  1. Weird World
  2. Girl with No Face
  3. Off with Her Tits
  4. John and Jonathan
  5. Galina
  6. Hardware Software
  7. Black Eye
  8. You Slept on Me
  9. Saddest Smile
  10. Staying Power
  11. Truly Dreams
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