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Britan's Alt-J returned with their fourth album in 2022. 'The Dream' further refines their characteristically unexpected blend of choral, classical, folk, electronic and hip-hop. It features the singles "U&ME", "Hard Drive Gold," and "The Actor". "We don't know how to write a pop song, but we know we have catchy ideas. So we just sew them together, regardless of whether it makes much sense structurally" describing their process.

The Dream is an album of intrigue, beauty and humanity - a coalescence of everything that has made Alt-J a global band with true staying power. True-crime inspired stories and tales of Hollywood and the Chateau Marmont rub shoulders with some of the band's most personal moments to-date. The album was created after a period of rest for the band following their seismic world tour in support of previous record Relaxer. It is a record that is the sound of a band growing as songwriters and storytellers.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by BMG in 2022. Gatefold sleeve.


1. Bane
2. U&Me
3. Hard Drive Gold
4. Happier When You're Gone
5. The Actor
6. Get Better
7. Chicago
8. Philadelphia
9. Walk a Mile
10. Delta
11. Losing My Mind
12. Powders
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