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The missing piece in the incredibly successful 'Twin Peaks' vinyl reissue series is the mysterious soundtrack to Season Two. While the show aired in 1990, it was not until 2007 that the soundtrack was issued, and only as a limited CD via David Lynch’s own label. Featuring stills from the series, and the unsettling musical mastery of long-time Lynch collaborator, Angelo Badalamenti.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Rhino Records. Housed in gatefold jacket with 12" glossy poster and a 16-page glossy photo booklet.

Tracks D4 and D5 are not listed on the release. They were previously located on the CD release as rewindable, hidden tracks. They appear here after a locked groove following track D3 and can only be played by manually moving the stylus. The first features David Lynch speaking a code towards the end which unlocked the track "The Norwegians" on his homepage at the time. The song has since been released as part of The Twin Peaks Archive. The second piece is an on-set recording of the piano accompaniment to the poem "It was Laura". The poem is still faintly audible in the background.

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