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Cigarettes After Sex frontman Greg Gonzalez's ability to set a scene and sustain a mood reels you in deeply in their debut album Cigarettes After Sex. He writes modern love songs set to downbeat dream pop. Much like relationships themselves, the songs on this self-titled debut LP are full of contradictions.

On album opener 'K.’, a tale of blossoming love etched in tiny details luxuriates over chiming guitars; on the hymn to romantic compulsion of 'Each Time You Fall in Love’, the suspended animation of Angelo Badalamenti’s heart-stopping Twin Peaks music is echoed. 'Sunsetz’ and the gently lilting 'Sweet’, meanwhile, showcase Gonzalez’s ability to weave impressionistic snapshots of romance into melodies that haunt like memories of past loves, all coalescing around his melting vocals.

This album features the singles: "K.", "Apocalypse", "Each Time You Fall in Love" and "Sweet".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Partisan Records in 2017. Includes download card.

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