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In general, Depression Cherry shows a return to simplicity for Beach House, with songs structured around a melody and a few instruments, with live drums playing a far lesser role. With the growing success of their previous albums Teen Dream and Bloom, the larger stages and bigger rooms naturally drove the band towards a louder, more aggressive place; a place farther from their natural tendencies. Here, they continue to let themselves evolve while fully ignoring the commercial context in which they exist.

Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have grown so adept at spinning dreams that they can turn all the lights on the set and still dazzle us. Highlights include the single "Sparks", "Space Song" and "Levitation". 

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Sup Pop Records in 2022. Metallic sleeve jacket.


1. Levitation
2. Sparks
3. Space Song
4. Beyond Love
5. 10:37
6. PPP
7. Wildflower
8. Bluebird
9. Days Of Candy

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