Audio-Technica / Record Cleaning Kit

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Made in Japan, the contoured Sonic Broom brush pad reaches deep into the grooves of your favourite records. Choose between doing a dry clean or a wet clean depending on your needs. The cleverly designed brush makes cleaning records fun, as it's easy to hold and maneuver.

The velvet pad moistens itself so you won't make a mess with the record care solution. The solution is highly effective at removing fingerprints, micro-dust and static. This kit also includes a wiper that removes debris from the Sonic Broom brush for you. It also doubles as a storage base when the pad is not in use.

Learn how to use all of Audio-Technica's vinyl care products with this video.


  • Audio Technica Record Cleaning Kit includes Sonic Broom velvet brush pad.
  • Record Care Solution (60ml).
  • Storage base and brush pad wiper.
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