Aretha Franklin - Unforgettable (Music On Vinyl) [Clear Vinyl]


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Just a few months after Dinah Washington's passing, Aretha Franklin released her fifth studio album Unforgettable - A Tribute to Dinah Washington. Aretha never personally met Dinah, but she was a good friend of Aretha’s father. Washington always had a major influence of the blossoming style of Aretha. Highlights include “What a Diff'rence a Day Made”, “Unforgettable”, “This Bitter Earth” and “Cold, Cold Heart”.

The myth that Columbia Records producers kept Aretha Franklin from finding her soul on tape has largely been discredited, and albums such as this one are a big reason why. Working with a small, surprisingly tough rhythm section, Franklin delivers highly personalized renditions of 10 songs associated with the great Dinah Washington. The material ranges from pop standards to Hank Williams and Bessie Smith numbers, paralleling Franklin's own eclecticism.

Limited Edition heavyweight audiophile CRYSTAL CLEAR vinyl produced by Music On Vinyl for Columbia Records in 2022. Only 2000 individually-numbered copies worldwide.


1. Unforgettable
2. Cold, Cold Heart
3. What a Diff'rence a Day Made
4. Drinking Again
5. Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning
6. Evil Gal Blues
7. Don't Say You're Sorry Again
8.This Bitter Earth
9. If I Should Lose You
10. Soulville

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