Ari Lennox - Pho (Deluxe Edition)

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This deluxe vinyl edition of 'Pho', the debut album from Ari Lennox, features an extra record of instrumentals. The 2020 album includes the singles “Night Drive”, “Backwood,” and “BackSeat”.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Dreamville / Interscope Records in 2021.


A1. Yuengling
A2. Backseat
A3. Night Drive
A4. La La La La
B1. Cold Outside
B2. Backwood

C1. Yuengling (Instrumental)
C2. Backseat (Instrumental)
C3. Night Drive (Instrumental)
C4. La La La La (Instrumental)
D1. Cold Outside (Instrumental)
D2. Backwood (Instrumental)
D3. GOAT (Instrumental)

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