Ashley McBryde - Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville

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Ashley McBryde set out with a group of her favourite collaborators to work up a project they had no intention of ever recording or releasing. What came from that weeklong songwriting exercise in a rural cabin outside Nashville is Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville, a distilled version of everything that listeners have come to appreciate from McBryde: raw, honest, specific portraits of small-town America, and the many characters that you may encounter in any one of them.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Warner Music in 2022.


1. Brenda Put Your Bra On
2. Jesus Jenny
3. Dandelion Diner
4. The Girl In The Picture
5. If These Dogs Could Talk
6. Play Ball
7. Ronnie's Pawn Shop
8. The Missed Connection Section of the Lindeville Gazette
9. Gospel Night At The Strip Club
10. Forkem Family Funeral Home
11. When Will I Be Loved
12. Bonfire At Tina's
13. Lindeville

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