Bad Bunny - X 100pre (Yellow Splatter Vinyl)

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X 100PRE, the debut album from Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny includes guest appearances from Diplo, El Alfa and Drake. It features the singles "Estamos Bien", "Mia", "Solo de Mí", "Caro", "La Romana", "Si Estuviésemos Juntos", "Ni Bien Ni Mal" and more.

X 100PRE has everything fans expect from the reigning king of Latin trap. The songs seamlessly flow into one another and cross genres freely, creating a narrative fueled by trap, reggaetón, dream-pop, pop-punk/emo, and Dominican dembow. For anyone who ever wondered why Bad Bunny took his time releasing a proper album, this is it. So sit back and join him in his hazy quest for answers.

Limited Edition YELLOW SPLATTER vinyl produced by Rimas Entertainment in 2019. Gatefold sleeve.

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