Bauhaus - Press The Eject and Give Me The Tape (White Vinyl)

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Released in 1982, this is a live album from Bauhaus is compiled from shows across the UK from 1981-82. From the start, Bauhaus were a potent live attraction and this collection gives a flavor of their electrifying live shows.

'Press the Eject' features a striking version of John Cale's "Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores", a particularly spooky run-through of "Hollow Hills" that out-creeps the studio version on 'Mask', and the punk rock fuzz-out of "Dark Entries". Until this hits package 'Crackle' was released in 1988, this was the only album to include a version of their classic debut single, "Bela Lugosi's Dead". Washed in feedback and ever-so subtly accelerating and decelerating, this song is the true centre of "Goth" mythology.

Heavyweight WHITE vinyl pressed by Beggar's Arkive in 2018.

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