Beyoncé - Act II: COWBOY CARTER (CD) [Snake Face Back Cover]


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Beyoncé returns with her eighth studio album, COWBOY CARTER, the follow up to last year's act i, RENAISSANCE. Highlights include the singles "TEXAS HOLD 'EM", "16 CARRIGAGES" and "II MOST WANTED", a collaboration with Miley Cyrus.

COWBOY CARTER, executive produced by Beyoncé, is about genres, all of them, while deeply rooted in Country. This is the work of an artist who thrives in her freedom to grow, expand, and create limitlessly. It makes no apologies, and seeks no permission in elevating, amplifying, and redefining the sounds of music, while dismantling accepted false norms about Americana culture. It pays homage to the past, honoring musical pioneers in Country, Rock, Classical, and Opera.

The album is a cornucopia of sounds that Beyoncé loves, and grew up listening to, between visits and eventually performances at the Houston Rodeo – Country, original Rhythm & Blues, Blues, Zydeco, and Black Folk. The album wraps itself in pure instrumentation in a celebratory authentic gumbo of sounds using among others, the accordion, harmonica, washboard, acoustic guitar, bass ukulele, pedal steel guitar, a Vibra-Slap, the mandolin, fiddle, Hammond B3 organ, tack piano, and the banjo. There's also plenty of handclaps, horseshoe steps, boot stomps on hardwood floors and yes, those are Beyoncé's nails as percussion.

Limited "Snake Face" Cover Edition CD produced by Sony Music in 2024.


1. Ameriican Requiem
2. Blackbiird
3. 16 Carriages
4. Protector
5. My Rose
6. Smoke Hour (with Willie Nelson)
7. Texas Hold ‘Em
8. Bodyguard
9. Dolly P
10. Jolene
11. Daughter
12. Spaghettii (feat. Shaboozey)
13. Alliigator Tears
14. Smoke Hour II
15. Just For Fun
16. II Most Wanted (feat. Miley Cyrus)
17. Levii’s Jeans (feat. Post Malone)
18. Flamenco
19. The Linda Martell Show
20. Ya Ya
21. Oh Louisiana
22. Desert Eagle
23. Riiverdance
24. II Hands II Heaven
25. Tytant
26. Sweet Honey Buckin’
27. Amen

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