Billie Holiday - Lady Sings The Blues (Abbey Road Remaster)


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Lady Sings The Blues was released in 1956 to coincide with her autobiography of the same name. By this point in her career, when she was just in her early 40s, Billie Holiday’s voice had taken on a fragile and worn quality. Hardship, abusive relationships and addiction had taken their toll on her famous instrument. Yet Holiday delivers wise and moving performances in this collection of emotional jazz tunes, many of which became synonymous with her unique sound and persona. Recorded over two separate sessions in Los Angeles in September 1954 and over two days in June 1956 in New York City this is an album that as close to a musical autobiography as one can get.

Her candid, poignant approach influenced countless musicians ranging from Frank Sinatra to Joni Mitchell. Although many have tried, the combination of Holiday's particular style of singing and her personality has yet to be matched. A musician's musician with a radiant voice, an impeccable sense of time and subtle, often ironic delivery, Billie Holiday was the premier song stylist of the 20th century.

The album's highlights include “No Good Man,” “Some Other Spring,” and “Good Morning Heartache” and “Lady Sings the Blues.”

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Verve Records in 2013. Remastered at Abbey Road Studios. Original MONO mix. Includes download card.

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