Bright Light Bright Light - So Gay, So Dramatic (Exclusive Neon Magenta / Neon Yellow Vinyl)


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So Gay, So Dramatic is a brand new collection of every original non-album track released by Bright Light Bright Light from the start of his career to present day. These 24 songs have been newly remastered by RedRedPaw, who mastered Bright Light Bright Light's 2020 album Fun City

Exclusive NEON MAGENTA and NEON YELLOW vinyl available only through Pop Music in Canada.


LP1: "So Gay."

Uh Huh! (2021 Remaster)

Being Sentimental (2021 remaster)

Call On You (2021 Remaster)

Arms Of Another (2021 remaster)

New York Pretty (2021 Remaster)

Same Dream (2021 remaster)

Wishful Thinking (2021 remaster)

One (2021 Remaster)

Good Times (2021 remaster)

Anybody Else (2021 Remaster)

Thinking About It (2021 remaster)

Go Long (2021 remaster)

LP2: "So Dramatic."

Blood Moon (I Did Give You Love) (2021 Remaster)

How I Feel (2021 Remaster)

Blueprint (2021 Remaster)

What I'd Do For You (2021 Remaster)

Inside Out (2021 Remaster)

Tough Love (2021 Remaster)

Matters (2021 Remaster)

She Carves Her Desire (2021 Remaster)

Movement In The Dark (2021 Remaster)

This Is Me Without You (2021 Remaster)

Forget The Stars

Oh My Love

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