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The historic 'Greatest Hits' collection from Cheap Trick is now available on vinyl. Highlights include 18 classics like "I Want You To Want Me", "Surrender", "The Flame" and more. It features track-by-track liner notes by the band. The tracks were picked by the band members themselves, in contrast to 1991's Greatest Hits. It contains several rarities, including one from the EP Found All the Parts.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Epic Records in 2023.


1. I Want You To Want Me (Live at Budokan - April 1978)
2. Ain't That A Shame (Live at Budokan - April 1978)
3. Southern Girls (Single Version)
4. California Man
5. Surrender
6. Stop This Game (Single Version)
7. Voices
8. Dream Police
9. If You Want My Love (Alternate Version)
10. Tonight It's You
11. Everything Works If You Let It (Long Version)
12. Mandocello
13. I Can't Take It
14. She's Tight
15. That 70's Song (Based on "In the Street")
16. Walk Away (featuring Chrissie Hynde)
17. Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love
18. The Flame (Single Version)

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