Claud - Supermodels (Cloud Coloured Vinyl)


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No matter your age or station, Supermodels is the sort of record you can hear yourself in. Claud’s engrossing, poignant, and often pointedly funny sophomore album is a diary of the mercury of life and love. Largely conceived in the artist's apartment, with a stubborn acoustic guitar and a second-hand, well-worn piano that happened to be on hand, the album documents in a very personal way fissures in romances and friendships, career pressure, the casualties of growing up, and the laugh lines of life - all threaded together with scant regard for genre but, like the best pop music, with hooks that linger as powerfully as any memory.

Supermodels displays a new depth and the kind of humour that comes with undeniable new confidence, and expands upon the more insular bedroom pop of their debut with the addition of a few new collaborators, including Dan Wilson of Semisonic. Features the single "It's Not About You".

Heavyweight CLOUD vinyl produced by Saddest Factory Records in 2023.


1. Crumbs
2. Dirt
3. A Good Thing
4. Every Fucking Time
5. Wet
6. Glass Wall
7. It's Not About You
8. Paul Rudd
9. The Moving On
10. Climbing Trees
11. Spare Tire
12. All Over
13. Screwdriver

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