Cowboy Junkies - Lay It Down


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Every Cowboy Junkies album is a sonic treat, full of gorgeous guitar tones from Michael Timmons, haunting vocals from Margo Timmins, and beautiful arrangements, and 1996's Lay it Down is no exception. The group held a country rock sound with tracks, "A Common Disaster," and "Just Want to See", while verging into indie rock the Paisley Underground-style title track.  Lay It Down is a mature album, tackling complex and heavy themes. 

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Real Gone Music in 2023.


  1. Something More Besides You
  2. A Common Disaster
  3. Lay It Down
  4. Hold on to Me
  5. Come Calling (His Song)
  6. Just Want to See
  7. Lonely Sinking Feeling
  8. Angel Mine
  9. Bea's Song (River Song Trilogy: Part II)
  10. Musical Key
  11. Speaking Confidentially
  12. Come Calling (Her Song)
  13. Now I Know
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