Daft Punk - Discovery (2021 Remaster)

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Four long years after their debut album Homework, Daft Punk returned with their sophomore album Discovery in 2001. It features the singles "One More Time", "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", "Aerodynamic", "Digital Love" and "Something About Us".

While Discovery still focuses on the maximum accessibility that earned Homework such high marks, there's less of an obvious focus on pop hooks. Irony and house beats are the order of the day, and an eclectic thread runs throughout Discovery.

Leading up to Discovery's release, the duo adopted robot costumes, claiming they had become robots as a result of an accident in their studio. The group told the press they were working in their studio at 9:09 am on 9 September 1999, when their sampler exploded. They had to undergo reconstructive surgery, and, regaining consciousness, they realized they had become robots They also launched 'Daft Club', a website which featured exclusive tracks and other bonus material.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Daft Life in 2022.

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