Danny Elfman - Spiderman (Original Score) [Silver Vinyl]


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Danny Elfman's intricate, propulsive music for director Sam Raimi's Spider-Man delivers a richly detailed soundscape that proves even more intricate with repeat listenings. Elfman's brief motifs for Peter Parker and the Green Goblin propel the score, dancing around each other as the album progresses. Punctuated throughout with pulsing, rhythmic undertones, the action sequences bristle with energy, from the driving percussion and electric guitars of "Costume Montage" to the sheer orchestral fireworks of "Final Confrontation." While Elfman's music for the romantic aspects of the story have less presence here, a decent balance is maintained, creating an album that's heavier on the action material without being overburdened.

20th Anniversary Edition. Heavyweight SILVER vinyl produced by Columbia Records in 2023.


1. Main Title
2. Transformations
3. Costume Montage
4. Revenge
5. First Web
6. Something's Different
7. City Montage
8. Alone
9. Parade Attack
10. Specter of the Goblin
11. Revelation
12. Getting Through
13. Final Confrontation
14. Farewell
15. End Credits

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