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Good Luck is the supernovic full-length debut of Nigerian-born, Canadian emigré recording artist Debby Friday. Winner of the 2023 Polaris Music Prize.

The usual boom-and-bust cycles of growing up - breaking down, gathering the strength to get up, fumbling hard, doing it all over again - can feel unmooring, to say the least, but according to Friday, its tragedies and glories need savouring. Losing illusions, gaining expectations; getting deep into the private, soupy kaleidoscope of what’s possible and what’s futile: Good Luck is built on welcoming the journey’s complicated drops and mountain highs with something more like grace.

It’s why Good Luck works like such a study in entropy. On the surface, you’ll hear hints of Santigold’s dub dazzle, the MIDI-crush of Death Grips, but less obviously the plaintiveness of directors like Eric Rohmer, or the grotesque decadence of later-era Sylvia Plath. Standouts include lucid, acid-housey, “I Got It" (accompanied by Chris Vargas of Pelada / Uñas), the crushing "Let U Down" and the assured lead single “So Hard To Tell”.

Exclusive METALLIC vinyl released by SubPop in 2023.


  1. Good Luck
  2. So Hard To Tell
  3. I Got It (feat. UÑAS)
  4. Hot Love
  5. Heartbreakerrr
  6. What A Man
  7. Safe
  8. Let U Down
  9. Pluto Baby
  10. Wake Up
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