Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond (15th Anniversary) [Green / Purple Vinyl]

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Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Beyond, the 2007 studio album from Dinosaur Jr. with this limited edition that includes a 7" single. This is the first vinyl edition available in over a decade!

With J Mascis on guitar and lead vocals, Lou Barlow on bass and vocals, and Murph on drums, this record was the first that features the original lineup of Dinosaur Jr. since 1988's Bug - kicking off a Dinosaur Jr. reunion which has lasted longer than the band's original run. Highlights include the singles "Almost Ready" and "Crumble".

15th Anniversary GREEN / PURPLE vinyl produced by Baked Goods in 2022. Includes 7" single features the songs "What If I Knew" and "Yer Son". Only 7000 copies worldwide.


1. Almost Ready
2. Crumble
3. Pick Me Up
4. Back to Your Heart
5. This Is All I Came to Do
6. Been There All the Time
7. It's Me
8. We're Not Alone
9. I Got Lost
10. Lightning Bulb
11. What If I Knew

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