Donnas - Early Singles 1995-1999 (Dark Purple Vinyl)


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The Donnas were one of the greatest punk bands of the '90s, male or female, bringing a uniquely hedonistic yet feminist viewpoint to the genre. Almost all of these songs, from their first single "High School Yum Yum," to their REO cover "Keep On Loving You," hadn't been on vinyl since their original release until the arrival of this collection; rare photos and memorabilia plus track-by-track commentary and liner notes (on the enclosed insert) by all four band members make Early Singles 1995-1999 truly indispensable for Donnas fans.

Limited Edition DARK PURPLE vinyl produced by Real Gone Music in 2024.


  1. High School Yum Yum
  2. A Boy Like You
  3. Let's Rab!
  4. Da Doo Ron Ron
  5. I Don't Wanna Go to School
  6. I Don't Wanna Rock 'n' Roll Tonight
  7. Last Chance Dance
  8. I Wanna Be a Unabomber
  9. Message from the Donnas
  10. Speeding Back to My Baby
  11. Wig Wam Bam
  12. Strutter
  13. School's Out
  14. Keep on Loving You
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