Earl Sweatshirt - Sick! (Exclusive Blue Vinyl)

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American rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, returns with his fourth studio album, Sick! It was released in 2021 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as a reflection of the cultural zeitgeist of "anger and restlessness" the world was experiencing. Upon its release it received critical acclaim; Stereogum said it was "a dense, rich, contemplative piece of work". It features singles "2010", "Tabula Rasa" featuring Armand Hammer, and "Titanic". 

Exclusive BLUE vinyl produced by Warner Music in 2023.


1. Old Friend
2. 2010
3. SICK!
4. Vision (Feat. Zelooperz)
5. Tabula Rasa (Feat. Armand Hammer)
6. Lye
7. Lobby (Int)
8. God Laughs
9. Titanic
10. Fire In The Hole

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