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Made in the wake of the end of a long relationship, the album is an intimate record that sees Fabiana Palladino confront complex questions about love, loneliness and normativity in relationships. The result is a 10-track full-length of shapeshifting sonics that draws inspiration from the big R&B, soul, pop and disco studio productions of the 80s and 90s and filters them through a modern lens.

Written and self-produced by Palladino, the album features performances from renowned musicians and close friends including Paul Institute co-founder Jai Paul. Highlights include the singles "I Care" and "Stay With Me Through The Night".

Exclusive RED vinyl produced by XL Recordings in 2024.


1. Closer
2. Can You Look In The Mirror?
3. I Can’t Dream Anymore
4. Give Me A Sign
5. I Care
6. Stay With Me Through The Night
7. Shoulda
8. Deeper
9. In The Fire 
10. Forever

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