Jessie Ware - Devotion: The Gold Edition (Exclusive Vinyl)

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Devotion: The Gold Edition commemorates the 10th anniversary of Jessie Ware’s breakthrough, Mercury Prize-nominated 2012 debut album. It includes the original album plus 10 bonus tracks – most of which are being made available on vinyl for the first time. Highlights like Jessie’s collaboration with Sampha (“Valentine”), a rework of “Wildest Moments” with A$AP Rocky, a remix of “Running” by Disclosure, and a host of cool remixes from the likes of Joe Goddard, Ewan Pearson, and Two-Inch Punch.

Exclusive double vinyl produced by Island Records in celebration of Record Store Day 2022. Only 2500 copies worldwide. This edition features enhanced artwork with new sleeve notes from Jessie Ware on how the record evolved to what it is and how Devotion has impacted her career.


Side A:
1. Devotion
2. Wildest Moments
3. Running
4. Still Love Me
5. No To Love
6. Night Light

Side B:
1. Swan Song
2. Sweet Talk
3. If You're Never Gonna Move
4. Talking In Water
5. Something Inside

Side C:
1. Imagine It Was Us
2. Valentine
3. Wildest Moments [Remix]
4. Running [Disclosure Remix]
5. Strangest Feeling
6. What You Won't Do For Love

Side D:
1. If You're Never Gonna Move [Two Inch Punch Remix]
2. No To Love [Ewan Pearson's Permissive Society Remix]
3. Night Light [Joe Goddard Remix]
4. Wildest Moments [Zed Bias aka MaddSlinky Remix]

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