Femi Kuti / Made Kuti - Legacy+

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Legacy+ features Femi Kuti's album Stop the Hate and his son Made Kuti's album For(e)ward. Both records were produced by Sodi Marciszewer, who worked on Fela’s last six albums. 'Legacy+' is the Kuti legacy: the musicianship and history passed down three generations, from Fela, to Femi, to Made.

Much like Femi, who got his start playing in Fela’s Egypt 80 band in 1979, Made cut his teeth as a child touring with his father, playing bass and saxophone in his band Positive Force. Now, Made plays bass, alto saxophone, and percussion on Stop the Hate and is responsible for all the instrumentation on his own For(e)ward.

Femi’s half of Legacy+ spans short, sharp shocks of ebullient Afrobeat with familiar themes of struggle; while Made’s fires Afrobeat into the future with youthful abandon, hectic brass and his warm croon, as if fronting an alt-rock band.

The album features the singles "As We Struggle Everyday" and "Pa Pa Pa".

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Partisan Records in 2021.

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