Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference

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Even on this shorter EP Harmony of Difference, saxophonist and composer Kamasi Washington displays a tireless ambition with his compositions, performance, and spiritual approach. This minimalist 6 song EP is a departure for Kamasi who is known for releasing extravagant albums.

Harmony of Difference was originally part of a multimedia work that illustrated how forces that seem to be working in opposition could come together as a composite of complex beauty. This was illustrated in the original exhibit by a series of projected paintings (created by artist and Washington’s sister Amani Washington) that were gradually overlaid to form an abstract image of a face. Musically, Washington explores the theme by writing a series of five short pieces that are also folded together into a lengthy, recombinant suite.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Young Turks in 2017.


1. Desire
2. Humility
3. Knowledge
4. Perspective
5. Integrity
6. Truth
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