Florist - Florist (Deep Purple Vinyl)

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Awarded 'Best New Album' by the editors of Pitchfork, Florist is the self-titled fourth full length record from upstate NY based indie folk band, Florist. The follow up to 2019's critically acclaimed Emily Alone, is the strongest album of the band's decade-long career; an immersive work that conveys the magic of the earth and of family, and the whole of the band’s heart.

These 19 tracks feel like the culmination of a decade-long journey, their fourth full-length album, but the first deserving of a self-titled designation. "We called it Florist because this is not just my songs with a backing band," Sprague explains. "It's a practice. It's a collaboration. It's our one life. These are my best friends and the music is the way that it is because of that."

Limited Edition DEEP PURPLE double vinyl produced by Double Double Whammy in 2022. Gatefold sleeve.

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