Julia Stone - Sixty Summers (Gold Vinyl)

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Julia Stone’s first solo album in eight years, Sixty Summers arrives as a powerful rebirth for one of Australia’s most prolific artists. Emerging from the wildernesses of folk and indie- rock, on Sixty Summers Stone dives headfirst into the cosmopolitan, hedonistic world of late-night, moonlit pop. Recorded sporadically over five years from 2015 to 2019, Sixty Summers was shaped profoundly by Julia Stone's key collaborators on the album: Doveman, Matt Berninger, and St. Vincent.

The scope of Sixty Summers is dizzyingly vast; miles away from Stone's past work, it is a world unto itself, a surreal and breathtaking new landscape. Where Stone's previous solo records, 2010's The Memory Machine and 2014's By The Horns, found her grappling with the natural darkness that comes with loving too much, Sixty Summers finds Stone claiming every part of herself: fire, fury, love, lust, longing. Sixty Summers is an album you can dance to and one you can lose yourself in completely.

The album features the singles "Break", "Unreal", "Dance" and "We All Have".

Limited Edition GOLD vinyl produced by Arts & Crafts in 2021.

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