Foreigner - Foreigner (Exclusive Crystal Clear Vinyl)

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  • Available October 6th, 2023.
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Rhino Records celebrates their Rocktober 2023 campaign with this exclusive reissue of Foreigner's 1977 debut self-titled album. This first-rate rock classic had a definitive sound and includes three hit singles, "Feels Like the First Time", "Cold as Ice" and "Long, Long Way from Home". The Rocktober edition also includes demo versions of "Woman Oh Woman", "At War With The World" and "Take Me To Your Leader".

Exclusive CRYSTAL CLEAR vinyl produced by Rhino Records for Rhino’s 2023 ‘ROCKTOBER’ campaign.


1. Feels Like The First Time
2. Cold As Ice 
3. Starrider
4. Headknocker
5. The Damage Is Done
6. Long, Long Way From Home
7. Woman Oh Woman
8. At War With The World
9. Fool For You Anyway
10. I Need You
11. Feels Like The First Time (Demo Stereo Version)
12. Woman Oh Woman (Demo Stereo Version)
13. At War With The World (Demo Stereo Version)
14. Take Me To Your Leader (Demo Stereo Version)

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