Fucked Up - Year Of The Horse


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Though each of these four 20-minute-long tracks flutters between Damian's best raging since "David Comes to Life" and immersive synth-led passages of female vocals, there's an opera here somewhere. The real strength of the whole album lies in its accessible set of lyrical hardcore gems. Year Of The Horse is more consistent and fun than any other recent Fucked Up release.

From Pitchfork: 'Compared to David Comes to Life, Year of the Horse arrived with almost zero fanfare. The music was quietly unveiled in four instalments on Bandcamp, while the lyrics and liner notes were provided via a WeTransfer link. Technically, the release is part of Fucked Up’s long-running Zodiac series, the limited-edition, parallel-universe discography where they’ve entertained their most experimental impulses. But this 94-minute concept album is no mere sideshow curio. In a climate where the Armed have obliterated hardcore’s horizons, Iceage are making gospel records, and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have revived the batshit-bonkers medieval concept album, this is the sound of Fucked Up forcefully reclaiming their status as the most fearless prog-punk band of them all.'

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