Gabrielle - A Place In Your Heart (Transparent Blue Vinyl)

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A Place In Your Heart is the new album from Gabrielle. From the early 90s to the turn of the millennium, Gabrielle was one of the UK’s most successful and beloved artists.In recent times, Gabrielle has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence, one that proves that timeless, empowering songwriting and a distinctive voice that is the very definition of soul will never go out of fashion.

The first single from the album, "A Place in Your Heart" retains Gabrielle's signature sound, opening with her instantly recognizable vocal and provides an anthemic hook fans will no doubt sing along to.

Limited Edition TRANSPARENT BLUE CURACAO vinyl produced by BMG in 2024. 


1. Sorry
2. Miss You
3. Won't Be There
4. Good Enough
5. Never
6. Change
7. A Place In Your Heart
8. Rainbow
9. Taken Over
10. Lifeline
11. Feel
12. Conquer


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