Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth (3LP)


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Gang Starr's 1998 record Moment Of Truth was considered a comeback after a four year absence. It retains the swing of their jazz-rap fusions and while adding street-level rhythms and Guru's best rhymes in years. Highlights: "Work" and "Above The Clouds".

By the release of Moment of Truth in the spring of 1998, Gang Starr were rap veterans, having spent nearly ten years as professionals. That elapsed time meant that the album was positioned as something of a comeback, since the duo had been inactive for four years, and it had been even longer since they had a hit.

They knew they had to come back hard, and Moment of Truth accomplished their goals. Retaining the swing of their jazz-rap fusions, Gang Starr nevertheless have their rhythms hit at a street level, and Guru's rhymes are his best in years. It may not have the thrill of discovery that made their first albums so exciting but on the whole it is a successful return.

This 3LP vinyl edition was produced by Virgin Records in 2023.


1. You Know My Steez
2. Robbin Hood Theory
3. Work
4. Royalty (feat. K-Ci & JoJo)
5. Above The Clouds (feat. Inspectah Deck)
6. JFK 2 LAX
7. Itz A Set Up (feat. Hannibal)
8. Moment Of Truth
9. B.I. vs Friendship (feat. M.D.P.)
10. The Militia (feat. Big shug and Freddie Foxxx)
11. The Rep Grows Bigga
12. What I'm Here 4
13. She Knowz What She Wantz
14. New York Strait Talk
15. My Advice 2 You
16. Make 'em Pay (feat. Krumb Snatcha)
17. The Mall (feat. G-Dep and Shiggy Sha)
18. Betrayal (feat. Scarface)
19. Next Time
20. In Memory Of...

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