Gang Starr - Step In The Arena


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Step In The Arena is the second studio album by hip hop duo Gang Starr, originally released in 1990. It is widely critically acclaimed, with many calling it one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Some highlights include, "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?", "Lovesick", "Just To Get A Rep", and "Take A Rest". 

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Virgin / Universal Records in 2024.


  1. Name Tag (Premier & The Guru)
  2. Step In The Arena
  3. Form Of Intellect
  4. Execution Of A Chump
  5. Who's Gonna Take The Weight?
  6. Beyond Comprehension
  7. Check The Technique
  8. Lovesick
  9. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  10. Game Plan
  11. Take A Rest
  12. What You Want This Time?
  13. Street Ministry
  14. Just To Get A Rep
  15. Say Your Prayers
  16. As I Read My S-A
  17. Precisely The Right Rhymes
  18. The Meaning Of The Name
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