Genesis – Duke (Exclusive White Vinyl)

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Genesis’ 1980 album Duke, features the singles “Turn It On Again” and “Misunderstanding”. The record artfully bridged the middle ground between the band's progressive past and mainstream future, peppering shorter, radio-friendly pieces in between the longer numbers.

Duke delivered a pair of solo compositions from each member of Genesis, resulting in a record that offered Banks, Collins and Rutherford plenty of room to shine as individuals while highlighting the strengths of the band as a unit.

Exclusive heavyweight WHITE vinyl produced by Rhino Records for their 2021 'Start Your Ear Off Right' campaign. Gatefold sleeve. Only 3350 copies worldwide.


A1  Behind The Lines
A2  Duchess
A3  Guide Vocal
A4  Man Of Our Times
A5  Misunderstanding
A6  Heathaze
B1  Turn It On Again
B2  Alone Tonight
B3  Cul-De-Sac
B4  Please Don't Ask
B5  Duke's Travels
B6  Duke's End

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