Grateful Dead / Steal Your Face 1974 Wash Tee


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Officially Licensed. This Grateful Dead T-shirt features a distressed print of the band's iconic 'Steal Your Face' logo printed on a grey wash tee. This premium tee features unique dip dye finish to front and back of the shirt. The colour of this tee is a lighter shade of grey than depicted.

The drawing of a circle with a human skull and a lightning bolt appeared in 1969. The band took part in a lot of concerts, so there was a need for some emblem to identify their equipment in backstage areas. The band’s sound engineer Owsley Stanley was once inspired by a dual-colored freeway sign. He shared his ideas with the graphic designer Bob Thomas. Shortly after that this Grateful Dead logo was born.


  • 100% Dye Wash Cotton
  • Unisex T-Shirt
  • Dip Dye
  • Imported from the UK
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