Grizzly Bear - Yellow House (15th Anniversary)

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Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Grizzly Bear's breakthrough 2006 album Yellow House with this newly-remastered edition. The album features the singles "On a Neck, On a Spit" and "Knife". All four members sing duskily and softly, making a slow-going atmosphere that would delight the great composer Morton Feldman. The brilliance here is that every song mesmerizes, not with aural dominance but with an atmospheric magnetism. 

From their original incarnation as a one man band of acoustic guitar, field tapes and drum machine; to Grizzly Bear's current state as a full band complete with drums, two guitars, bass, woodwinds, effects pedals, cradled by four part harmonies, Grizzly Bear's music has made the leap from charming lo-fi folk rock to breathtaking, experimental cinematic pop. The talent between the four members of Grizzly Bear is evident from their deft playing, which also makes for a brilliant and engrossing live act.

“It’s one of those more timeless works, the ones that years down the line may linger and appear as if they could’ve come from any handful of eras at once.” - Stereogum

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Warp Records in 2021. Mastered at 45RPM.


A1   Easier
A2   Lullabye
A3   Knife
B1   Central and Remote
B2   Little Brother
C1   Plans
C2   Marla
C3   On a Neck, On a Spit
D1   Reprise
D2   Colorado
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