Hole - Live Through This (Pink Vinyl)


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This iconic 1994 album put Courtney Love on the map. Live Through This features grunge anthems like "Violet", "Miss World" and "Doll Parts".

Hole’s second album, Live Through This, famously came out four days after Love’s husband Kurt Cobain was found dead at their home in Seattle. The sudden tragedy threatened to swallow the music, to say nothing of the genre and social movement in which it was encased.

The story of a dead rock god, and Love was the woman who survived him. Even the album’s title alluded to Love’s endurance through a ground-shaking trauma, though of course she had written the title about surviving her fame, surviving her fraught association with the most beloved man in rock, surviving her pregnancy with their child, surviving the tabloid rumors that would continue to swarm her decades later as a result.

Limited Edition PINK vinyl produced by Geffen Records in 2023.


  1. Violet
  2. Miss World
  3. Plump
  4. Asking for It
  5. Jennifer's Body
  6. Doll Parts
  7. Credit in the Straight World
  8. Softer, Softest
  9. She Walks on Me
  10. I Think That I Would Die
  11. Gutless
  12. Rock Star
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