J Mascis - What Do We Do Now (Exclusive Purple Vinyl)

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J Mascis returns in 2024 with his fifth solo record, What Do We Do Now. since 1996.The new album includes the single “Can’t Believe We’re Here". What Do We Do Now features guest musicians, including Western Mass local Ken Mauri of The B-52s on keys and Ontario-based polymath Matthew “Doc” Dunn on steel guitar. This is his first solo album that features full drum and electric leads, although the rhythm parts are still all acoustic.

What Do We Do Now began to come together during the waning days of the pandemic. Utilizing his own Bisquiteen Studio, J started working on writing a series of tunes on acoustic with a different dynamic than the stuff he creates for Dinosaur Jr. 

Exclusive Purple LOSER vinyl edition produced by Sup Pop Records in 2024.


1. Can’t Believe We’re Here
2. What Do We Do Now
3. Right Behind You
4. You Don’t Understand Me
5. I Can’t Find You
6. Old Friends
7. It’s True
8. Set Me Down
9. Hangin Out
10. End Is Gettin Shaky

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