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Jack Johnson's fifth solo studio album, To The Sea features soothing, acoustic based songs, that let the fresh air blow through you. Like waves in his beloved surf, Johnson's songs tend to come and go without leaving much individual trace. The record is full of Johnson's ruminations on life, love and spirituality. 

When Jack Johnson spoke to MTV in 2010 he said "The album is called 'To The Sea'. I guess it's a reference to a father leading his son to the sea, with the water representing the subconscious. So it's about trying to go beneath the surface and understand yourself," said. "I have three kids, so the album is about that. It's both me as a son of my own father and me looking down at my kids. I'm 34, right at this transition of still feeling like a child sometimes, but other times feeling like a father, and finding the father in myself. It's all about those things."

The album features the singles "You and Your Heart", "From the Clouds" and "At or with Me".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Brushfire Records in 2010. Gatefold sleeve.

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