John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (Acoustic Sounds Series)

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Arguably Coltrane’s mountain top of creativity, A Love Supreme has been heralded as a perfect album expressing the leader’s deep spirituality. It’s a four-part suite inspired by a conversion experience he had in 1957.

He wrote in the liner notes to listeners: “All praise be to God to whom all praise is due.” The album becomes a compelling journey that ultimately acknowledges that the music comes from a higher power. Garrison anchors the piece with his four-note bass motif, and Jones welcomes the listener with a resounding gong while Coltrane speaks with elegant longing and exalted authority on his tenor sax throughout.

With the title repeatedly chanted, A Love Supreme became a heartfelt prayer and indelible hymn that went on to sell more than a half million copies by the end of the ’60s. The manuscript of the album became a part of the National Museum of American History’s “Treasures of American History” at the Smithsonian Institution and was selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry. A legendary jazz album, Coltrane’s musical and spiritual thank you to God has been embraced by the rock world, from Carlos Santana to U2, and is widely considered one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Acoustic Sounds Series in 2023.


1. A Love Supreme, Pt. 1
2. A Love Supreme, Pt. 2
3. A Love Supreme, Pt. 3

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