Joni Mitchell - Song To A Seagull


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Released in March 1968, Mitchell's Crosby-produced debut features relatively simple instrumentation, but the dense, sophisticated songwriting showed Joni was already looking beyond the folk idiom for inspiration (hints of classical composition can be heard here).

The ten originals on Song to a Seagull are split conceptually into two sides: "I Came to the City," which sketches such melancholy urban characters as "Nathan la Franeer," and "Out of the City and Down to the Seaside," whose odes to the freedom of nature soar beautifully. The original mix has been recently updated by Mitchell and mixer Matt Lee. "The original mix was atrocious," says Mitchell. "It sounded like it was recorded under a jello bowl, so I fixed it!"

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Reprise in 2023. Remastered by Bernie Grundman under the supervision of Joni Mitchell. Gatefold sleeve.


Part One - I came to the city:

1. I Had a King
2. Michael from Mountains
3. Night in the City
4. Marcie
5. Nathan La Franeer

Part Two - Out of the city and down to the seaside:

1. Sisotowbell Lane
2. The Dawntreader
3. The Pirate of Penance
4. Song to a Seagull
5. Cactus Tree

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