Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever (Black Ice Vinyl)

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Produced by Teddy Riley, Keith Sweat's debut, Make It Last Forever, exploded all over urban and pop stations and remains the brightest star in Sweat's galaxy of LPs. Sweat's pleading tenor adroitly draws you into every song, demanding an emotional commitment. Who can't relate to "Something Just Ain't Right" and "Right and a Wrong Way," two tense, stunning realizations. The hip-hop beats and plucky guitar of "I Want Her" put new jack swing on the map; it was Sweat's first single release and topped Billboard's R&B chart in 1988. All eight tracks are impressive, with his rendition of Tony Hester's "In the Rain," popularized by The Dramatics, equaling and possibly surpassing the original.

Limited Edition BLACK ICE vinyl produced by Rhino Records in 2024.


1. Something Just Ain't Right
2. Right And A Wrong Way
3. Tell Me It's Me You Want
4. I Want Her
5. Make It Last Forever
6. In The Rain
7. How Deep Is Your Love
8. Don't Stop The Love

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