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Mariah Carey's Daydream, the album that elevated her status as a pop superstar is finally available on vinyl again.

Leaning into hip-hop sonics that so perfectly compliments her incomparable range and unbeatable vocal presence, Mariah effortlessly skates from instant-classic “Fantasy” to the moving-to-the-core Boyz II Men duet “One Sweet Day” to the warm upbeat R&B of “Always Be My Baby.”

It’s a staple record, existing in the rare space between intense passion and care-free bliss, the soundtrack to our sunny day drives and late night hangs since we first dropped the needle way back in 1995.

Heavyweight vinyl pressed by Columbia Records in 2020. Remastered at 24bit Hi-Res audio specifically for vinyl playback. Faithfully replicated original album artwork.


1. Fantasy
2. Underneath The Stars
3. One Sweet Day
4. Open Arms
5. Always Be My Baby
6. I Am Free
7. When I Saw You
8. Long Ago
9. Melt Away
10. Forever
11. Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix)
12. Looking In

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