Mariah Carey - Music Box

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From the opening notes of "Dreamlover," which feature Mariah trilling in her signature whistle octave, straight into mega-ballad "Hero" and the take-it-to-church "Anytime You Need A Friend," the album wastes no time in letting Carey do what she does best. And considering it was her fourth album in just three years, Music Box is all the more impressive in its workman-like ability to churn out so many hits.

Paring Carey with writer-composer Walter Afanasieff (Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On") for eight of the 10 tracks, Music Box is equal parts contemporary R&B-tinged pop, with dabbles in dance ("I've Been Thinking About You," "Now That I Know") and gospel ("Anytime You Need A Friend," a reverent take on Badfinger's "Without You") to boot.

Heavyweight vinyl pressed by Columbia Records in 2020. Remastered at 24bit Hi-Res audio specifically for vinyl playback. Faithfully replicated original album artwork.


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