Kristin Hersh - Hips And Makers (Record Store Day) [30th Anniversary]


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Kristin Hersh’s celebrated debut album Hips & Makers is getting a first-ever reissue on Record Store Day 2024 to coincide with its 30th anniversary. Spread across two records, the album has been reconfigured for optimum playback, seeing the album, three tracks from the Your Ghost EP and a bonus track (“Hysterical Bending”) appearing on the first three sides and then the full Strings EP (including previously orphaned track “The Key”) on the fourth side.

Exclusive double BOTTLE GREEN vinyl produced by 4AD Records in celebration of Record Store Day 2024. Only 600 copies worldwide.


A1. Your Ghost
A2. Beestung
A3. Teeth
A4. Sundrops
A5. Sparky
A6. Houdini Blues
B1. A Loon
B2. Velvet Days
B3. Close Your Eyes
B4. Me and My Charms
B5. Tuesday Night
C1. The Letter
C2. Lurch
C3. The Cuckoo
C4. Hips and Makers
C5. Hysterical Bending (Bonus Track)
C6. The Key (Your Ghost Single B-Side)
C7. Uncle June and Aunt Kiyoti (Your Ghost Single B-Side)
C8. When the Levee Breaks (Your Ghost Single B-Side)
D1. A Loon (String Version)
D2. Sundrops (String Version)
D3. Me and My Charms (String Version)
D4. Velvet Days (String Version)
D5. The Key (String Version)

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