Mac DeMarco - 2 (10th Anniversary)


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Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Mac DeMarco's debut album '2' with this expanded 2LP edition, which includes demos and more. Highlights from the 2012 record include "My Kind of Woman", "Freaking Out the Neighborhood", "Cooking Up Something Good" and "Ode to Viceroy".

Given DeMarco's affinity for keeping things lo-fi - 2 was the first time he'd bothered to record demos - it's revealing to hear these songs in their most embryonic form. The performances here are a little looser and the sound a little hazier than on the actual LP, lending an atmosphere of dreamy vulnerability, especially to ballads like "Annie" and the Lennon-esque "Sherrill".

This 10th Anniversary Edition of includes the album, the demos and an 8 page booklet with new liner notes written by Mac. 

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Captured Tracks Records in 2022.


1. Cooking Up Something Good
2. Dreaming
3. Freaking Out the Neighborhood
4. Annie
5. Ode to Viceroy
6. Robson Girl
7. The Stars Keep on Calling My Name
8. My Kind of Woman
9. Boe Zaah
10. Sherrill
11. Still Together
12. Cooking Up Something Good (Demo)
13. Stars Keep Calling My Name (Demo)
14. Dreamin' Slow (Demo)
15. Lonely Shredder (Demo)
16. Robson Girl (Demo)
17. Annie (Demo)
18. Harrison Ford Escort (Demo)
19. Sherrill (Demo)
20. My Kind of Woman (Instrumental) Demo (Instrumental)
21. Dreamin' Fast (Demo)
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