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Pearl Jam + Alice In Chains + Screaming Trees = Mad Season! They released their only studio album Above in 1995. This expanded vinyl edition includes three brand new tracks from Mark Lanegan. Highlights include "River of Deceit", "Long Gone Day" and "I Don't Know Anything".

Mad Season consists of vocalist Layne Staley (Alice In Chains), guitarist Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), drummer/percussionist Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) and bassist John Baker Saunders (The Walkabouts, Lamont Cranston Band).

In 1994, the four Seattle-based musicians decided to embark on a side-project that took them into new and different musical territory. They made one seminal album in the history of Seattle rock. It is the only complete album of Layne Staley's introspective and mystical lyrics, which were highlighted by additional vocals from Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lanegan and Seattle-based saxophonist/percussionist Skerik.

Mad Season was essentially Seattle's version of an extremely heavy blues band, anchored by the deep swinging rhythm section of Barrett's drums and Baker's bass lines, with Layne's haunting melodies and Mike's stadium-size guitar riffs soaring over the top. This unusual chemistry made the band absolutely unique in an era of post-grunge.

In 1996, work began on a second Mad Season album with Mike, Barrett and Baker writing and recording the basic tracks for 15 new songs. Unfortunately, because of declining health, Layne wasn't able to make any of the recording sessions and the album was shelved. Fate subsequently took each musician in a different direction: Mike back to Pearl Jam and Barrett back to Screaming Trees. Tragically, both Baker (1999) and Layne (2002) passed away.

This collection features songs from the unfinished second album with newly recorded vocals including "Locomotive" (Mark Lanegan takes the place of Staley on vocals).

Heavyweight audiophile double vinyl produced by Music On Vinyl in 2013. Gatefold sleeve. 



1. Wake Up
2. X-Ray Mind
3. River Of Deceit


1. I'm Above
2. Artificial Red
3. Lifeless Dead
4. I Don't Know Anything


1. Long Gone Day
2. November Hotel
3. All Alone
4. Interlude (previously unreleased)
5. Locomotive (previously unreleased)


1. Black Book Of Fear (previously unreleased)
2. Slip Away (previously unreleased)
3. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier (remix)

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